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Northern Playground

3/4 Womens Ziplongs®



The thousand dollar question for all active outdoor people: Should I put on my long johns today, or will it get too hot? With Ziplongs® you don't have to choose.

With Ziplongs® you do not have to choose between being too hot or too cold. Put on Ziplongs® in the morning, and when the sun starts to heat up and the slopes get steeper, it only takes you a few seconds to stop and change. Voila: Temperature control on the go. When it's time for a break, just pull them on again and you will be dry and warm.

Perfect for mountaineering, hunting, fishing, hiking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, sailing and generally all activities in fresh weather where you want the freedom to regulate the temperature effectively! Read the story behind Ziplongs® .

Ziplongs® can be adjusted to weather conditions. If desired, you can adjust the zipper to provide a smaller opening so that you can ventilate exactly the area you want. If you want further cooling, fold the longs up and under the boxer. This, combined with an opening in the shell trousers can give you exactly the cooling you need on your legs. Alternatively, remove the stillongs completely. When it gets too cold: zip again!

Ziplongs® 3/4 or Ziplongs® long?
¾ length fits better with the ski boots, hunting boots and other high shoes. You just have to remember long socks. It is also easier to put on and take off, because you only need to zip down to the lower leg.
Full length , on the other hand, ensures that there is no bare skin on the leg if you prefer to wear short socks and shoes, for example when cross-country skiing or hiking.

Merino wool from South Africa, produced in Lithuania at 200 gr / m. Wool is a blend of 73% wool mixed with polyester and elastane for optimal drying properties and durability.

Wool micron: 18.5
Product weight: 274g (men size L)

To use Ziplongs® is to dress in a new way. To help you put it on correctly, we have developed a set of color codes:
1. Different zip color for each leg to distinguish right from left.
2. The inside seam in the waist has its own color to separate up and down.

Ziplongs® is a stillongs that is designed for use all year round and on all kinds of trips. With this, we want to challenge the way we consume clothes, and encourage everyone to buy fewer garments and garments that can be used for all occasions. So instead of selling different lungs for different activities, we encourage you to use this one for everything. If you are going to climb Store Skagastølstind or sled with the children, you do not need more than one stillongs in the closet.

Made in Europe: We manufacture our products in Lithuania. We do this to ensure quality and to reduce carbon emissions during production. In addition, all "parts" of our products are from European suppliers (except the raw wool which is imported from South Africa and South America). European production is not cheap, but you get in return a product with fewer travel miles and long shelf life. Please use the product until it is used up.

Northern Playground recommends aerating wool and saving the environment as long as possible. Wash wool as little as possible!

Do you spill on the garment; quickly remove dirt with a wet cloth or under running water before staining.

When the washing day arrives:
All our products can withstand wool / fine washing program in the machine, max 30 degrees. Remember to wash with equal colors to avoid discoloration. Dark textile color easily spreads to light surfaces when moist. Use special detergent for wool and silk, it does not contain enzymes. Enzymes wear on wool and can make holes in the garment over time.