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Bright As Day 1200


The Bright as Day 1200 is a very lightweight and versatile lamp. The lamp's cooling system allows for it to deliver a consistent 1200 lumens through its entire battery span. With a lightweight design, the possibilities where the lamp can be mounted and its uses are endless. It truly makes the night, bright as day.

What's in the box? 

  • Headlamp
  • Battery
  • Nylon Headstrap
  • 1 Meter Extension Power Cable
  • GoPro accessories compatible 
  • Wall Charger Cord


Exact Measured Lumens 1200 lm
Light Spread 15-30 deg
Weight of Lamp Head 55 g
Shell Material 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Battery Charge Life  500 charge cycles
Battery  Li-ion, 2 Cell, 6400 mAh, 3.7 V
Run Time 1.5h (100%), 3h (50%), 6h (25%), 20h (5%)
Battery Charge Time 3.5 hrs
Mounting Bracket GoPro QuickClip Compatible



Aluminium blade cooling -

To dissipate heat created by LEDs, the aluminum body features blades to allow the inner electronics to function constantly to their full potential and tested lumen amount. The lamp will never turn down lumens to cool itself.

Lighting step down system -

When the battery reaches 10% remaining power, the lamp head will flash three times, and step down to the lowest power (5%). This allows for the user to never be stuck in the dark and to have time to return from their activity.

GoPro quick clip compatibility -

The mount below the lamp is designed to allow for any moonlight lamp to be used with any GoPro mount.

Battery level indicator -

The battery level is indicated by an LED inside the light housing. Blue indicating above 100-80% power remaining, flashing blue 80-50% power remaining, red 50-30% power remaining, and flashing red below 30% remaining.

I.P. 67 waterproofing -

This lamp is weather sealed against splashes, heavy rain, and extremely moist conditions. It can handle any weather condition mother nature throws at it.