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PUSU Loska SPINNOVA® ( ISPO Award winner 2022)is a versatile all-mountain ski. The edgy shape gives extra character to the ski but is proven reliable in varying snow conditions. The ski can be ridden with a light touch but rewards an active rider and asks for more. Loska is a Finnish word for slushy spring snow and such varying conditions have been in mind when designing the ski – rigid enough for uneven surfaces and wide enough for good floatation. Generous rockers with matched tapers provide an agile and predictable ride. The ski is enforced with all-natural SPINNOVA® fibre that has been tested to dampen vibrations 50% better than fibreglass. 

SPINNOVA® The most sustainable fibre in the world

A new, sustainable material made of wood or waste, without any harmful chemicals. 100% biodegradable. Least water used. Now first in composites.

The SPINNOVA® fibre is the most sustainable fibre in the world, both from a raw material and fibre making process aspect.

Through the collaboration we can eliminate the use of glass or carbon fibres and keep maximising the use of natural materials.