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Padded 3/4 Mens Ziplongs®



The Ziplongs® Padded are a fleece long-john with incorporated padding in the knees and bottom. The padding provides extra warmth and comfort. Just as important: It has zippers on each side that make it easy to put on and take off without removing your pants and shoes.

Ziplongs® Padded can be used as a base layer against your skin, as a mid-layer or outside your pants. The zippers make it possible to take off the pants and put them back on without removing your shoes.

The main fabric in Ziplongs® Padded is recycled fleece from Pontetorto. Pontetorto uses Newlife yarns, which are based on recycled, Italian plastic bottles. The fabric also has the internationally recognised Bluesign Certification.

The padding in the knees and bottom is made with Ariaprene, a 4mm thick water-repellant, quick-drying and flexible rubber and foam material. The padding can be easily removed from it's pockets, and can be taken out and put in as needed. Without the padding you will lose some of the isolation-ability, but it also gives you a cooling effect and more flexibility.

The Ziplongs® Padded was originally developed for sailing as it is perfect under pants or shorts. But we have come to find that people use them just as much for many other acitivities: fishingalpine skiing, kayaking and all other situations where you can get cold and spend some time on your butt.

Made in Europe: We produce our products in Lithuania to ensure quality and to reduce carbon emissions from production. In additions, all "parts" of our products are from European suppliers (besides the wool that is imported from South Africa and South America). European production isn't cheap, but in return you get a product with fewer travelled miles and a long life ahead of it. Please use this product until worn out.

On laundry day:
Remember – wash as little as possible to spare both the product and the environment. If you spill on the garment, quickly remove the spillage with a damp cloth or under running water before it stains.

All parts of this product can be washed at 40C degrees, but we recommend taking out the padding. That way you have more room in the amchine and the product will last longer. Remember to wash with similar colors to avoid discoloration. Dark fabrics easily stain lighter fabrics when wet. Use organic detergent without enzyms like Sonett or Klar. Enzymes wear on the fibers in the product and can result in a loss in elasticity and durability. Because of this we don't recommend using fabric softener either.