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The Zipbra™ is a comfy bra made from merino wool, used like any other bra. Additionally it has somewhat of a magical functionality: You can remove it with your clothes on. The zippers can unzip all the way!

Why use the Zipbra?
Being warm is all about being dry. If your inner layer is wet, huge down-jackets won't do the trick. Whether you are finishing up a workout and returning to your, or setting up your tent after a trek, it's important to get dry fast. To remove a wet a bra will do wonders. The Zipbra™ has a good fit, is warm, comfortable and incredibly easy to both remove and put on.

Of course, you don't have to remove it – but you have the freedom to do so if you wish. This is why the Norwegian outdoor-magazine “Fjell og Vidde” call our Zipbra a “Bra Revolution”. 

Merino wool from South Africa, produced in Lithuania with 200 gr/M. The Zipbra™ is a blend of 73% wool mixed with polyester and elastane for optimal drying abilities and durablity.

Wool micron: 18.5.

Made in Europe: We produce our products in Lithuania to ensure quality and to reduce carbon emissions from production. In additions, all "parts" of our products are from European suppliers (besides the wool that is imported from South Africa and South America). European production isn't cheap, but in return you get a product with fewer travelled miles and a long life ahead of it. Please use this product until worn out.